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An experiment in product photography

Gevabox (1955 version)

What started as a simple experiment on product photography soon turned into an interactive session using one of the earliest cameras contained in the club museum currently.

Gevabox is a pseudo-viewfinder camera which is in fact a box camera with an optical viewfinder on the top. Box cameras are usually fitted with two brilliant finders which help to frame the picture both horizontally and vertically. Gevaert made that kind of rectangular box camera too, paradoxically also named Gevabox.

Gevabox was made in West Germany between 1955-1959. The camera takes 6x9 exposures on 120 roll-film. It's fully made out of a heavy metal alloy, except the large plastic viewfinder. It has an accessory shoe, most likely for the flash lamp, which can synch with the socket on the lens. The lens is a fixed focus 105mm f/11. There are two aperture stops: f/11, f/16 & three speeds: 1/100, 1/50, B (Bulb) which was quite uncommon for cameras manufactured at that period of time.

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