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JUPC Annual Freshers Quiz '19

Following the traditions of our club, JUPC held its Annual Freshers Quiz for this year on the 8th of November. The enthusiasm of our newcomers was splendid and made it quite a fun evening for all of us at the club.

The Quiz in session

The quiz was of 3 rounds, consisting of basic photography questions to technical ones which got difficult with each round, but our talented juniors aced all the rounds and made it difficult for us in the tie-breaker rounds. We thank all the freshers to make the quiz a grand success, congratulations to all the winners for bagging the trophies.

WINNERS: Hrishiraj Mallick and Debarghya Meikap

1st RUNNERS UP: Munjarita Mondal and Soumya Prabha Maiti

2nd RUNNERS UP: Sayantan Charal and Debadri Sengupta

JUPC has always encouraged young talents and the legacy of the club events and adventures continues.

The JUPC Members with the winners

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