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JUPC: The Finest Composition

I joined JUPC in my second year. I thoroughly regret not joining JUPC earlier. I wasn't keen on getting into photography because I had always felt daunted by the mighty DSLR. It all looked so complicated. I wasn't really aware that photography had so many aspects. First thing I learnt in the club was to operate the mighty DSLR. Soon it didn't feel so daunting anymore. I learnt it wasn't some mechanism, I had to find my way around. It was just a mediator that would help me capture the vision I saw in this world so that I could make other people see it too.

At the JUPC Picnic '18

Other than the club's year-long activities and events it was perhaps the bond that the members in JUPC shared that made me yearn to be a part of it. JUPC was a family in the truest sense of the world, and it was something I found out once I became a part of it. Morning outings at Victoria, Lake, Zoo and yearly trips to Lucknow, Varanasi (My parents never gave me permission to go to the long rambles so that's a tragedy)was so worthy, we learned some amazing techniques to click better pictures and to tell our stories through pictures. We had loads of fun throughout and how can I forget Convocation? The busiest day of the year when everyone was on their feet running around doing their duties. Photography was more than just clicking photos. I personally wanted to engage more with every visual art form and develop a strong critical sense of it. We had Book Reading sessions where we discussed Berger, Calvino, watched important movies, documentaries and the discussions and debates went on till the guard would come and remind us that it was time to lock the gates. The Foundry Photojournalism Workshop held in JU in the year 2019 gave me a new lens to look at the scope of photography. It inculcated a new vision in the members to document stories and from single images, we moved to photo stories. I got 2 years to spend with JUPC but those two years were the happiest of my college life. JUPC has made me grow as a person and I like to tell myself, in some small insignificant way, I've been a part of its growth too.

At Foundry Workshop '18

Today the club is taking steps towards a new direction. Breaking off from some old rules and changing itself to suit the new times and making it a better place for my juniors to come. I cannot be proud enough writing about JUPF (Jadavpur University Photo Fest) it was the most historical event that was only made possible by our seniors. To my utter grief, I wasn't a part of it since it happened the year before I joined the club. But my mates today at the club are coming up with Montage 20 and I know it is going to be a huge and a grand one. The baton has been passed on to the able hands of JUPC and I wish them all the success for all upcoming events. I'll always cherish all the moments spent with JUPC.

At Foundry Workshop '18

At Lucknow Ramble '17

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